Adresse Company Imprint [Anbieterdefinition]: `Bionwell Limited Partnership`


COMMERCIAL OPERATOR; BLP - `Bionwell Limited Partnership`

Business Office: 272 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JR,

Scotland (UK) [General Contractor and Trust Participator]

Companies House Limited Partnership By Act Since 1907


BUSINESS PARTNER; `Novorentell LLC` [Delaware, USA]

`Citizen Committee` and/or `Trust Participator`

[General Partner & Limited Contractor Bionwell SLP]


WEB-SHOP; `Bionwell Shop` []

As A Virtual Source Of Reference, Products, Help and Service

[Limited Business Operator & Contractor Bionwell SLP]


Telefon +49 (0) 162 165 2007 [Auftragsbüro Germany]

Tax Reference [Steueridentifikation]:
Tax-ID-No.: 71157 34217

Companies House [Handelsregister]:
Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Reg.-No.: SL30229


Jurisdiction [Gericht|s|stand]:

United Kingdom

Bank Connection [Bankverbindung]:
bank name / Bankname:      Postbank Dortmund
IBAN:                       DE25440100460360686462
BIC:                                         PBNKDEFFXXX
to dispose of [Verfügungsberechtigte]: `Novorentell LLC`

[also perceived as: `account holder` // auch wahrgenommen als: `Kontoinhaber`]